The Other Side of Hope


Finnish comedy drama written and directed by Aki Kaurismäki. The film follows the journey of Syrian asylum seeker Khaled (Sherwan Haji) as he arrives in Helsinki on a coal train and begins looking for work after evading the law. Meanwhile, travelling salesman Wikström (Sakari Kuosmanen) buys the Golden Pint restaurant with the proceeds of a high-stakes poker game shortly after leaving his troubled wife. The pair meet when Khaled arrives at the restaurant seeking employment and Wikström is more than happy to help him, going so far as to take him in and procure a fake ID card for him. When Wikström finds out that Khaled’s sister went missing en route he also feels compelled to help find her.

Winner: Best Director – Silver Bear Award – Berlin Film Festival 2017
Nominee: Best Film – Golden Bear Award – Berlin Film Festival 2017

Critics Views

“The Other Side of Hope is as contemporary and vital a film as you’re likely to find in 2017, but it’s also one of the funniest and most classically (not to mention beautifully) cinematic too.” The Film Stage
Winsome, sweet, and often very funny, The Other Side of Hope is more of the same from Kaurismäki, and thank God for that. Indiewire

“There aren’t really any surprises in The Other Side of Hope; it’s more like witnessing the ongoing cultivation of a humane philosophy. But the film is devilishly funny, economically constructed (the demise of Wikström’s marriage is shown in wordless images) and decked out in the director’s dismal palette of cobalt blue, moss green and burnt-marmalade orange.” The Guardian

“It’s a deeply humane film, as well as a quietly hilarious one.” Time Out London

“While the film depicts a world seldom far removed from grim reality, the sly strain of humour keeps it buoyant, nowhere more so than in Kaurismaki’s deadpan dialogue, delivered with affectless aplomb by his marvelous cast.” The Hollywood Reporter

Film Rating

 Critics 85% Audience 73%

Rotten Tomatoes
Top Critics positive review 82%  Audience liked it 82%

Stockbridge Audience: 77%

No. of responses:-
Excellent 20
Good 40
Average 11
Poor 2
Very Poor 0

Date: Friday 16 April 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Language: Finnish (English Subtitles)

Genre: Comedy Drama

Director: Aki Kaurismäki

Writer: Aki Kaurismäki

Starring: Kati Outinen, Ville Virtanen, Tommi Korpela, Matti Onnismaa, Sherwan Haji, Jörn Donner

Film Length: 1hr 40mins

Rating: 12A
Moderate violence, racist behaviour

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