Julieta is about to leave Madrid to live in Portugal when she runs into Bea, the childhood friend of her daughter Antia. This chance meeting sets off a range of emotions in Julieta, who hasn’t seen or heard from her estranged daughter for over a decade. She begins to write a long and revealing letter to her daughter – one filled with regret, guilt and love.

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It’s one of his least crazy films in narrative terms, but you couldn’t call it subdued, because the colours and textures he’s coaxed from a new director of photography, Jean-Claude Larrieu, are even more intoxicating than ever – it’s like an unexpectedly dry martini in a dazzling Z-stem glass.
The Telegraph

“Sliding between past and present, Almodóvar drip-feeds revelations to hook viewers while crafting an affecting study of loss, grief and guilt. And the actresses, as ever in a Pedro joint, are terrific.”
Total Film

At its most superficially enjoyable, “Julieta” is a mystery story propelled by the kinds of coincidence and catastrophe that Almodóvar might have once mined for maximum camp value. Whether by dint of his source material or his own maturity, the filmmaker has invested the surface sheen with tenderness and emotional depth. It’s no surprise that “Julieta” is marvelous to look at, but it possesses just as much substance as style. Washington Post

It might be familiar territory for Almodóvar, but only a master of his art could make it look so easy.
Time Out London

Film Rating

Critics 64% Audience rating 71%

Rotten Tomatoes
Top Critics positive review 74% Audience liked it 82%

Stockbridge Audience: 85.6%
Total no. of votes 45:
Excellent 23

Good 18
Average 4
Poor 0 
Very Poor 0

Date: Friday 3rd March

Time: 7:30pm

Genre: Drama

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

WriterPedro Almodóvar based on 3 short stories by Alice Munro

Stars: Emma Suárez, Adriana Ugarte, Daniel Grao

Film Length: 1hr 37 mins

Rating: 15
Strong sex

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