In Between


In Between follows the lives of three strong, independent minded Israeli-Palestinian women sharing an apartment in Tel Aviv. Away from the constraints of their families and enforced tradition, they find themselves ‘in between’ the free and unfettered lives they’re aspiring to lead and the restrictions still imposed on them by a blinkered society.
Laila (Mouna Hawa), a successful lawyer, craves the love of a good man who she thinks she’s found in the apparently open-minded and handsome Ziad. Salma (Sana Jammelieh) works at menial jobs in restaurants and bars hoping her long-held dream of being a DJ becomes a reality. In the meantime she falls for the beautiful trainee doctor Dounia but is forced to keep their lesbian relationship secret from her family. Laila and Salma’s hard partying ways initially come as a shock to the more traditional and reserved Nour (Shaden Kanboura) who is still studying for a degree and seeks a simple life. She is set for an arranged marriage to fiancé Wissam, seemingly a pillar of the community but who behind closed doors isn’t the man he appears to be. The three girls are rocked by a shocking series of events that will push their beliefs to the limit and change their lives forever whilst sealing the bond of friendship.

Critics Views

In Between is a great film. The performances are fantastic – as the gorgeous, headstrong Laila, Mouna Hawa is mesmerising. It’s not always uplifting but it is compassionate and intelligent. Time Out London

Hamoud’s message concerns having the courage to be who you are no matter what society or heritage demands. Compromise is important in any relationship, but it shouldn’t be one-sided and especially not favor the man simply because the culture is steeped in patriarchal infrastructure.
The Film Stage

Touching on the pressures of living in a patriarchal society, as well as exploring attitudes towards nationality and sexuality, the film unpacks a raft of parallels in its three stories, leaving seemingly disparate characters with the same choices. Screen International

With beautiful cinematography by Itay Gross, the atmosphere of In Between is uplifting amid the drama. The writing is witty, thought-provoking and poignant and all the actors are excellent, especially Hawa, Jammelieh and Kanboura. Depicting a very sophisticated, relatively socially harmonious Tel Aviv in a part of the globe that is often characterised in terms of conflict, the work is moving, entertaining and revealing. The Upcoming

What makes this spiky ‘dramedy’ so compelling are the Palestinian-Israeli protagonists, whose split lives have rarely been depicted on screen. Variety

Film Rating

 Critics 83% Audience 74%

Rotten Tomatoes
Top Critics positive review 100%  Audience want to see 99%

Stockbridge Audience: 84.4%%

No. of responses:-
Excellent 31
Good 23
Average 6
Poor 1
Very Poor 0

Date: Friday 16 February 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Genre: Drama

Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English (with English Subtitles)

Director: Maysaloun Hamoud

Writer: Maysaloun Hamoud

Starring: Mouna Hawa, Sana Jammelieh, Shaden Kanboura, Mahmud Shalaby, Henry Andrawes, Ashlam Canaan

Film Length: 1hr 43mins

Rating: 15
Drug misuse, sexual violence, very strong language

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