Deborah Lipstadt’s legal battle for historical truth against David Irving, who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier. In the English legal system, the burden of proof is on the accused, therefore it was up to Lipstadt and her legal team to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred.

Critics Views

“This is a powerful and thoughtful piece of cinema. It properly depicts an important moment in legal history and it does so with a rare sensitivity.”
Eye for Film

Another illuminating performance by Rachel Weisz and a brilliant screenplay by the distinguished British playwright David Hare make Denial one of the most powerful and riveting courtroom dramas ever made.
New York Observer

Rachel Weisz’s arresting, combative Lipstadt, a shining woman warrior, is a role she will be remembered for, while as her antagonist Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner) makes a spookily stubborn, thoroughly despicable, but still human Irving.
The Hollywood Reporter

A simple courtroom drama that never betrays its convictions, the film is a basic but bitterly urgent reminder that history is far more fluid than fact, a garden that must be tended to at all times lest it wither and grow weeds.




2017 Nomination for Outstanding British Film of the Year

Film Rating

Critics 63% Audience 66%

Rotten Tomatoes
Critics positive review 83%  Audience liked it 71%

Stockbridge Audience: 89%

Total number of votes: 101
Excellent 62
Good 37

Poor 0
Very Poor 0

Date: Wednesday 20th September

Time: 5.00pm and 7.30pm

Genre: Drama, Biography

Director: Mick Jackson

Writer: David Hare

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall, Tom Wilkinson, Andrew Scott

Film Length: 1hr47mins

Rating: 12A
infrequent strong and racist language

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